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Types Of Shops We Insure

Agricultural Implements Retailing
Antique Dealing
Antique Furniture Repairs
Antique Furniture Retailing
Antique/rare Books Dealing
Antiques Retailing
Aquarium Supplier
Armed Services Outfitters
Art Dealing
Art Gallery
Artist Materials Retailing
Arts and Crafts Retailing
Audio/Visual Media Hiring
Audio/Visual Media Retailing
Baby Goods Retailing
Baby wear Retailing
Bakers Produce Retailing (excluding Baking)
Basket And/Or Brushware Retailer
Bathroom Equipment Retailing
Beauty Products
Beauty Salon
Beauty Therapy
Bed Retailing
Bedding Retailing
Belts/Scarves/Gloves Retailing
Bookmaking – Off Course
Bookselling – Second Hand
Bridal Wear Retailing
Builders Merchants
Burgers Bars
Café (exc deep fat frying)
Cake Making & Decorating
Camping And Outdoor Retailing
Candle Dealing
Car Accessory Dealing
Car Accessory Shop
Car Radio Dealers inc fitting
Carpet Retailing
Carpets (oriental/persian) Retailing
Cash & Carry
Catalogue Shop
Catering Equipment Supplying
Ceramics and Pottery
Charity Shop
Cheese Retailers
Chemist – Dispensing
Chemist – Non Dispensing
Children’s Clothing Retailing
China And/Or Glass Retailing
Christmas Goods Suppliers
Clock & Watch Repair
Clothing Hire – Fancy Dress
Clothing Hiring
Clothing Retailing
Cock & Watch Retailing
Coffee and Tea Retailing
Coffee Shop
Coin & Medal Dealing
Computer Games Retailing
Computer Retailing – Business
Computer Retailing – General
Computer Retailing – Home & Games
Computer Suppliers
Confectionery Retailers
Consulting Optician
Curios Retailing
Curtain and Blind Retailing
Cutlery Retailing
Cycle Hiring
Cycle Repairing
Cycle Shop
Dairy Products Retailing
Decorators Merchants
Department Store
DIY – Including Timber
DIY Store
Dog Beautician
Dolls/Dolls House Retailing
Double Glazing
Double Glazing Showroom
Dress Agency
Drug Stores
Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning (Receiving Service)
Dry Cleaning and Laundry
Electric Tool Retailers
Electrical Goods Hiring – Domestic Appliances
Electrical Goods Hiring – TV/Hi Fi, Audio etc
Electrical Goods Repair - Domestic
Electrical Goods Retailing
Electrical Goods Retailing – Domestic Appliances
Electrical Goods Retailing – TV/Hi Fi Audio etc
Electrical Goods Retailing – White Goods
Estate Agency
Fabric Retailing
Fancy Goods Retailing
Farm Produce Retailing
Fashion Accessories Retailing
Fashion Boutiques
Fashion Retailing
Fast Food Retailing
Filing Station
Film Processing
Fireplace Retailing
Fish & Chip Shop
Fishing Tackle Retailing
Flower Arranging
Food Store
Footwear Retailing
Freezer Centre
Frozen Food Retailing
Funeral Director
Furniture Retailing
Furniture Retailing – Fitted
Furniture Retailing – Flat Pack
Furniture Retailing – Nursery
Furniture Retailing – Second Hand
Garden Centre
Garden Equipment Retailing
Garden Supplies Shop
General Store
Gift Shop
Glass Merchants
Glass or Glass Goods Decorators/Engravers
Glasswear Retailers
Golf Equipment Retailer
Golf Professionals Shop
Gown Trade
Greeting Cart Retailing
Grocer – Licensed
Hair & Beauty Consultant
Hairpiece and Wig Retailing
Handicraft Retailing
Hardware Manufacturing
Hardware Retailing
Hat Shop
Health Food Retailer
Herbs & Spices Retailing
Hobby Shop
Home Brew Materials Retailing
Horticultural Goods Retailing
Household Goods Retailing
Ice Cream Parlour
Ice Cream Vendor
In Car Entertainment Retailing
Indoor Market
Industrial Safety wear Retailing
Internet Café
Intruder Alarm Retailing
Key Cutters
Kitchen Accessories Retailing
Kitchen/Bathroom Unit Showroom
Knitting Machine Shops
Knitwear Retailing
Lamp Shops
Launderette (attended)
Launderette (unattended)
Leather and Travel Goods
Leather Clothing Retailing
Leather Good Retailing exc Clothes
Leather Goods Retailing inc Clothes
Leisurewear Retailing
Licensed Premises
Lifting Jacks &  Tackle Manufacturers
Light Fitting Retailing
Linen Hire
Linen Retailing
Lottery Agency
Luggage and Handbag Retailing
Marine Store
Maternity Wear Retailing
Meat Market
Menswear Retailers
Merchant Banking
Mobile Phone Retailer
Mobile Shop
Model Shop
Motor Accessories Retailing
Motor Accessories Retailing (exc in – car entertainment)
Motorcycle Accessories Retailing
Music Retailing
Musical Instrument Retailing
Novelty/Carnival Goods Retailing
Nursery Goods Shop
Off Licence
Office Equipment Supplier (excl Electrical)
Office Equipment Supplier (inc Electrical)
Office Furniture Retailing
Office Supplies Retailing
Oil Retailing – Household Fuel
Organic Foods Retailing
Orthopaedic Equipment Retailing
Outsize Clothing Retailing
Overall Hire & Maintenance
Paint And/Or Wallpaper Retailing
Pens Retailing
Perambulator Retailing
Perfume Retailing
Pet Accessory/Food Store
Pet Parlour
Pet Shop
Petrol Station
Photo Engraving
Photo Processing and Painting
Photographic Equipment Repairs
Photographic Equipment Retailing
Photographic Processors & Finishers
Photographic Studio
Piano Retailing
Piano Retailing and Repairs
Picture Framing
Picture Framing Shop
Picture Shop
Pine and Cane Furniture Retailing
Pizza Delivery Shop
Plant Equipment Retailers
Plumbers Equipment Retailers
Plumbers Merchant
Pool & Snooker Table Retailing
Post Office
Post Office – Sub
Post Office Services
Poultry and Game Retailing
Print Shop
Public House
Radiator Retailing
Record Shop
Record, CD,Cassette & Video/DVD Retailing
Restaurant – Chinese
Restaurant – Indian
Restaurant – Other
Rope Merchant
Saddlery And Tack Retailing
Sailing Equipment Supplier
Sandwich Bar
Scientific Instrument Retailing
Sewing Machine shop
Sharpening Services
Shirt Retailing
Shoe Repairing
Shoe Retailing
Shopping Centre
Silverware – Retailing
Sofa Bed Retailing
Souvenir – Retailing
Sports Goods Retailing
Sportswear Supplier
Stamp Collecting Retailers
Street/Market Trading
Surgical Equipment Retailer
Sweet Shop
Tableware Retailers
Tailor and Outfitter
Take Away Food Supplier
Tea Room
Telecommunications Equipment Supplier
Telephone Sales Retailing
Television Hiring
Television Hiring
Television Repairing
Textile Retailing
Tile Retailer
Toiletries Retailing
Tool Hire
Tool Hire – Power Driven
Tool Retailer
Toy and Game Retailing
Travel Agency
Trinity House
Trophy Retailing
Turf Accountants
TV and Radio
TV and Video Rental
TV and Video Repairing
Uniform Retailing
Venetian Blind Retailing
Video Equipment and Tape Retailing
Video/DVD Hire
Wallpaper Shops
Watch and Clock Retailing
Wine Bar
Wine Retailer
Wool and Needlework Shop
Woollen Goods Shop
Yacht Broker
Yacht Chandlery
  • Competitive Rates
  • Buildings Covered
  • Contents, Stock (including spirits and tobacco) and Equipment
  • Public & Employers Liability

We also provide you with great service

  • Business Interruption ( Loss of Income )
  • Glass Cover
  • Personal Accident/Assault Cover
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